at A1 we offer a complete package for motorcycle training.

Whether you are a complete beginner or wish to
improve your riding with off road and rider safety
lessons, we have the course for you.

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About us


A1 Motorcycle Training School LTD is a Family run Business and was formed in Gateshead 2009 and since that time has trained Thousands of students to ride motorcycles safely on the streets of the North East. Our staff, along with being experienced are also very friendly and have lots of patience.

We operate motorcycle & motorbike training courses and lessons throughout Newcastle “seven days a week” and have a very high unrivalled pass rate . All our full licence courses are flexible to accommodate your specific needs. taking you from CBT to full licence and beyond.

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Our courses

where to start



Virtually everyone has to complete a CBT before they ride a motorcycle on the road. The only exception is if you wish to ride a 50cc Moped and you
have passed your full car licence before February 2001.

For all other Motorcycles you MUST take and complete a CBT. All new riders must by law, complete this course before they are legally entitled to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road


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  • Introduction to safety equiptment
  • Introduction to motorcycle
  • Practical On Site Training
  • Highway Code
  • Practical On Road Riding

125 Licence


Full UK bike licence with a two-year power restriction on what you can ride. Aimed at those not wanting to ride anything too powerful for two years and the only licence option “available to those aged 17+”. This licence can be gained using either a manual or automatic motorcycle.

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direct access

Full uk bike licence

This is the “Full UK bike licence” with no restriction on what size motorcycle you can ride. This the most popular option for those aged twenty four and over as it allows you to ride any size of bike as soon as you pass

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A2 Licence

A2-Progressive Access

This is the “Full UK bike licence” with a 400cc restriction on what size motorcycle you can ride. This the most popular option for those aged 19 and over as it allows you to ride up to 400cc as soon as you pass

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From the Left Richard Scott

Middle David Brown

Right Ricky Scott

37 years of Motorcycle Training Experience between us

Twist & Go


New motorcyclists who want to ride a moped may take their test on a 125cc moped, this will entitle them to a restricted license only. Upon completing your CBT you are entitled to ride “a moped of 125cc or less”, providing you display L plates, both on the front and rear of the moped at all times.

We strongly advise all new riders to complete a test and not to simply complete a CBT and then ride on public roads.


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Gaining valuable experience

New riders may find this useful to gain experience to then go on and complete your restricted license test.