CBT Courses Age 16 +

The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the first step you must take when learning to ride a moped or motorcycle and is a course of training you are required to complete satisfactorily.

All new riders must by law, complete this course before they are legally entitled to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road, including when they are on riding lessons.


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125 Courses Age 17 +

Aimed at those not wanting to ride anything too powerful for two years and the only licence option available to those aged 17+. This licence can be gained using either a manual or automatic motorcycle.

If you take your test on an automatic, you will only be allowed ride an automatic which means that you will only be able ride a manual bike as a learner.


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A2 course Aged 19 +

This is the Restricted licence 400cc must be aged 19 or above, once passed then you can ride 400cc Max for 2 years then you can do the full Cat A unrestricted.

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Direct Access Age 24 +

This is the Full UK bike licence with no restriction on what size motorcycle you can ride. This the most popular option for those aged twenty-four and over as it allows you to ride any size of bike as soon as you pass.

Taken on a manual motorcycle, it allows you to ride both manual bikes and automatics.


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Twist and Go

New motorcyclists who want to ride a moped may take their test on a 125cc moped, this will entitle them to a restricted license only.

Upon completing your CBT you are entitled to ride a moped of 125cc or less, providing you display L plates, both on the front and rear of the moped at all times.


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