Is Motorcycling Right for You?


The type of vehicle you choose is purely a personal choice. But then, a motorcycle is a class apart, not to be compared with any other vehicle. If you are wondering whether or not you were born for the rider’s seat, here are some qualities that may help you find the answer.

You Possess a Sense of Adventure

Being on a motorcycle, at one with nature, high on speed (with safety being top priority) without losing touch with the reality around, is an adventure that needs to be experienced.

You may find it difficult to feel this experience in a car, shut and isolated from the world and nature.

If this feels like you, then you are most likely to discover nirvana on a motorcycle!

You Like Being Called Cool

The very image of an individual riding a motorcycle is exciting. Onlookers are more likely to associate motorcycle riders with a cool tag, than they do people sitting cocooned in their cars. The respect that motorcycle riders tend to command is simply incredible and exclusive!

You are an In-the-Moment Person

Don’t like to be tied to the past or future? Determined to enjoy the present to the fullest? Then, the motorcycle is the vehicle for you!

When you are on a motorcycle, you cannot afford to be in any time space other than the present. With no accessories such as airbags to protect you, you are completely vulnerable to the surroundings and other vehicles.

An acute awareness of your surroundings and the way you are manoeuvring your vehicle becomes utmost important to ensure safety. So, you are always in the moment, enjoying your surroundings while ensuring your safety.

You are Planet-Conscious

If you are always thinking of contributing to the planet, riding a motorcycle is one of the ways of doing it. Modern motorcycles are manufactured to meet strict environmental quality standards. This means that the carbon footprint you leave behind is low.

Better Physical & Mental Health

Being aware and being in the moment promote better mental health. Riding a motorcycle also burns more calories than driving a car does. Being outdoors without prolonged exposure to air conditioning systems also improves health.

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