Looking for Fuel Efficiency in a Motorbike?

The team at A1Motorcycles, when not out training people to ride motorbikes are always looking to bring interesting and helpful news to both new and experienced riders.

Obviously we get people from all walks off life coming through the door at the centre every week who are looking to pass their bike test or take a refresher course, and us being the friendly bunch we are here we get chatting, and believe it or not, not everyone rides a motorbike for fun and to look cool.

We’re finding that a lot of people who are putting in for their motorbike test are actually car drivers who have always fancied themselves as the next Barry Sheen (showing my age here) and are sick of spending their hard earned cash on petrol or diesel every month on long commutes to and from work every day . Solution? switch from four wheels to two.

And guess what? The majority of them say the same thing “why didn’t I do this years ago?”. Not only are they benefitting from passing their test financially every month but they’ve also found something they enjoy doing and find themselves taking their bike out on a weekend as well, purely for the enjoyment of riding a bike and the rush it brings with it.

However for those of you who purely use your bike as a work horse every day and are watching their purse strings, we’ve pulled together below a list of the top ten bikes on the market MPG wise.

Lifan 200 Sport : 84 mpg
Yamaha TW200 : 75 mpg
Honda 125 Varadero : 74 mpg
Honda 200 Twinstar : 74 mpg
Honda XL185 : 74 mpg
Honda XL250S : 72 mpg
Kawasaki Ninja EX250R : 72 mpg
Yamaha Virago 250 : 71 mpg
Honda Nighthawk 250 : 70 mpg
Yamaha 125 Virago : 69 mpg

As you can see there some nice bikes amongst so plenty to choose from without losing your street cred.