Tips for Buying Used Motorcycles

After completing their motorcycle lessons and passing their test, any biker will be keen to get out on the road. In an ideal world we’d all be able to go out and buy brand new bikes but that is not the case in the North East or in fact anywhere nowadays. In most cases bikers will have to start off with a pre-owned motorcycle, these are fine but you should be careful when trying to buy one. To help you along, here are A1 Motorcycle Training School’s tips for buying a used motorbike.

Firstly, make sure that the type of bike is the right bike for you. Whether it be a sports bike, a tourer or a bike for commuting each bike has its own riding type, you can even get a combinations. Make sure that you choose the one most suited to you will use it.

Where possible buy your bike from a dealership that you know has a good reputation. That last thing you need is for your bike to become faulty soon after buying it and have nowhere to go for help. Dealerships will often offer warranty on bikes which is helpful to ensure your motorcycle remains healthy.

Don’t be afraid to check the bike yourself. A good biker will take tools along with him and check all the necessary parts. Pay close attention to the tyres, the drive chain and sprocket, brakes and clutch levers, forks and to any signs of rust or corrosion in the fuel tank.

Don’t go paying for any motorcycle before you’ve gave it a test drive. It sounds silly but some people do it. If you feel anything is wrong on the test drive make the dealer or seller aware of this straight away.

After a test drive take another look at the bike. Check for any leaks or drips and to see if anything is different from before you went out.

Try to get ahold of the service history, owners manual and factory tool kit if possible. These will come in handy, particularly if you look to sell it on in the future.

Last but not least, be sensible when arranging a price. Be realistic and offer what you think the motorbike is worth. Just because they have set a price doesn’t mean it is right. Don’t offend them with stupidly low offers and remember that a salesperson has to meet targets so sometimes they won’t budge from a certain price. Do research online and find a fair value.

If you’ve finished your lessons and are eager to get on the road or if you’re a veteran biker looking for a new ride, stick to A1 Motorcycle Training School’s tips when buying used motorcycles and you should have yourself a great ride.